WVM Compatibility with the standards

EVM compatibility

WeaveVM is a custom Reth fork, therefore it's compatible, as a network, with existing EVM-based applications. This means you can run your current Ethereum-based projects on WeaveVM without any significant modifications, leveraging the full potential of the EVM ecosystem.

Key advantages of EVM-compatibility for WeaveVM:

  • Enables the seamless integration an migration of pre-existing projects and applications onto EVM-compatible blockchains, allowing prior work to be leveraged while transitioning products onto the network.

  • An active community and developer support.

  • The widespread adoption of EVM compatibility generates a significant network effect.

  • Familiar user experience and developer experience.

SmartWeave / MEM compatibility

It is possible to deploy SmartWeave/MEM functions inside WeaveVM blobspace. Refer to the BLOBVM- ERC7689 section for more information.

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