WeaveVM Testnet v0

Learn more about testnet v0 technical architecture


WeaveVM is a fork of reth, the fast and efficient Ethereum full node implementation in rust. Custom network configurations has been made on the WVM fork


The wvm-reth repository houses the WVM Reth node. You can access and review the repository here.

wvm-reth BigQuery ExEx

What are ExExes?

Execution Extensions (ExExes) are post-execution hooks for building real-time, high performance and zero-operations off-chain infrastructure on top of reth.

WVM BigQuery ExEx

The wvm-reth node features an Execution Extension (ExEx) designed to transfer full node storage crate data to Google BigQuery. This process facilitates the indexing of data on Arweave.

Check this blog post to learn more about ExExes: https://www.paradigm.xyz/2024/05/reth-exex

Data Pipeline From WVM to Arweave

The wvm-ar-pipeline is a data pipeline specifically designed to perform Extract and Load (EL) actions on WVM network data. This pipeline extracts data from BigQuery, conducts minimal data transformation, and then loads it into Arweave using Irys. For a closer look at the data publisher’s functionalities, visit the codebase here.

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